5 Natural Ways to Ease Anxiety

Rose close up - 5 Natural Ways to Ease Anxiety

Recently someone I am close to asked me for some advice on anxiety. This person knew that I had both personal and professional experience in the matter. This led to a lengthy conversation ranging from dietary changes to emotional freedom technique. That conversation was of course tailored to that particular individual; however, it made me think about how often I hear anxiety coming up for people.

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Don’t Should Your Self-Care

Flower field - Don’t Should Your Self-Care

You have probably noticed by now through my blog and social media updates that I am a big supporter of regular self-care for maintaining good health. The self-care practices that I have grown to love over the past years have radically transformed my health and life on all levels of being. That is why I am so passionate about sharing these small pieces of insight with others.

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Self-care: Part 1

Flowers - Self-care: Part 1

I believe that healing occurs on a very deep level when we commit to taking care of ourselves on a daily basis. I recently started sharing self-care practices on Facebook that I use daily, weekly or monthly. They are relatively simple and easy to implement. This post is a compiled version of what I’ve posted so far. Enjoy!

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